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"However, the reason why this discussion of algorithmically-driven feeds is in a different section than social networking is because the ultimate example of their power isn’t a social network at all: it’s TikTok. TikTok, of course, is all user-generated content, but the crucial distinction from Facebook is that you aren’t limited to content from your network: TikTok pulls in the videos it thinks you specifically are most interested in from across its entire network. I explained why this was a blindspot for Facebook in 2020" - Facebook은 User를 연결하는 것에 초점 - TikTok은 Contents를 연결하는 것에 초점 - TikTok은 왜 Contents에 집중하는가? - 추측: Gen Z 세대는 더 이상 학연/지연(기존 SNS)으로 묶이지 않으니 관심사를 가장 잘 파악할 수 있는 Contents로 묶는 것이다 TikTok은 기존 소셜 네트워크와 다르다는 주장을 하는 글의 일부분인데, 생각해볼 만한 지점이 있는 것 같아요

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